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How you clean the silk products

Silk care

•   Hand washing is recommended.

•   Machine wash at wool/silk wash cycle after place in the laundry bag.

•   Water temperature under lukewarm 30°C/85°F

•   Using nature detergent or hair shampoo

•   Line dry in shade. Hang dry, DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry in the direct sunlight.

•   Ironing: Inside out using low temperature iron setting. DO NOT steam

Duvet care

A properly covered Duvet should not require cleaning under normal conditions of use. If the duvet does require a wash, in the instance of a spill or a stain, we advise wipe clean by hand.

Mulberry silk-filled bedding is easy to care for as it will not require cleaning under normal usage conditions.   It is recommended to use a duvet cover with your silk-filled duvet as with regular duvets

Should your silk bedding become a little flatter after prolonged use airing outside for a few hours, preferably on a sunny day, will enhance the silk’s natural properties and make it feel like new again.

If necessary, use a mild detergent to spot clean or take to a professional dry cleaning service. It is very important to avoid machine washing as this will harm the bedding. Beware of silk-filled bedding that can be machine washed as this has been chemically treated to make this possible. The chemical treatment destroys many of the great natural properties of the silk.


Before storage, it is recommended to dry first, using the dust bag in the product packaging and store in a cool and dry place to avoid heavy pressure.