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Golden Mulberry Silk Duvet

-Natural gold silk without any dying
-360-degress panoramic visual process
-No fixed points on the surface


Filling: 100% Mulberry Silk, Hand extracted long filament silk

Treated: Hand extracted

Cover: 100% cotton 300 thread count

Size available: Twin, Double, Queen, King

Filling Weight: Summer, All season, Winter

Color: White only

Silk doesn't just come in white! Its beautiful colors range from yellow to orange, green, and more. In the past, natural colored silk was exceptionally rare and therefore golden silk was highly prized. Through years of research and development into genetic recombination technology, a golden silkworm cocoon was finally able to produce raw silk. Unlike white silk, which needs to be chemically dyed to create different colors (causing harmful pollution in the industrialization process), the natural pigments carried by the golden cocoon eliminate the need for post-processing chemical dyeing, helping to avoid environmental pollution and promote sustainable development.

Our innovative silk quilt design is unique - boasting no fixed points on the surface, it provides an even softer and more comfortable experience. And with its 360-degree panoramic visual process, you can fully open the quilt and observe the filling silk, taking in every detail of its natural beauty.

Investing in our golden silk quilt means investing in both comfort and environmental sustainability. You'll enjoy a truly luxurious sleeping experience, while knowing that your bedding was made through an eco-friendly process.